Since it's launch, I have written and photographed all of Botanic Labs advertising and PR campaigns. As a company they have none of the neurotic body as a temple philosophy. 'One of your five a day' would get you a sarcastic finger in their company. So they were clearly a rebel newcomer in a crowded healthy drinks market. But they were also leading the way in new ingredients with powerful properties. Visiting the lab and seeing Christophe make his drinks was like watching Tomorrows World.

As a startup, we needed to creative arresting images that would inspire journalists and magazines to include them in features about health drinks. Wherever possible we tried to build a profile of Botanic Lab as risque or controversial, sharp and ahead of the game. This different approach helped them stand out in a crowded market and they have grown into a very successful company, breaking into Waitrose, Saisburys and Eat this year.

The idea of the raised arms came from a picture taken in the midst of a police kettle earlier that year first year. Natural unphotoshopped skin and not shooting models became another element we all liked.